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HDVRadially Split Single Stage Between Bearings Pumps (API Class BB2)



The model HDV is horizontal, radially split, single stage, double suction, double volute, centerline support, between bearings process pump.
The HDV is suitable for low NPSH, large capacity and high temperature application.

Design features

  • Heavy duty construction is full compliance with API610
  • Seal chamber
    Seal chamber dimensions are in full compliance with API682 and API610 standards, and dual seals can be installed with our standard seal chamber dimension.
  • Easy maintenance
    Overhaul can be carried out without removing main piping and driver.
  • High reliability
    Double suction impeller provides thrust force balance. Double volute casing reduces radial force.
    The full-circular construction of the bearing housing and high precision dynamic balance ensure stable operation and long bearing life.
  • Self vent
    Both the discharge and suction nozzles are placed on the top, which allow self venting and realize a smooth start up.
Design features


The casing is designed in full compliance with API610. (design pressure, nozzle forceand moment, etc.)
Radially split casing is metal-to-metal fitted with a controlled compression gasket which ensures perfect sealing without misalignment.
Centerline support design prevents misalignment caused by thermal expansion.
Single head of back pull-out construction allows removing rotor without dirupting driver and the suction and discharge pipings.
Double volute construction evenly distributes radial forces.


Closed double suction impeller is designed to meet the specific operating condition with the maximum efficiency and low NPSH-required.
The impeller is dynamically balanced to meet the API610 requirement.
Balanced construction of double suction reduces thrust loads and prolongs bearing life.

3Wear rings

Renewable wear rings are furnished.

4Main shaft

Shaft deflection is minimized for longer bearing life and shaft seal life.

5Shaft seals

Mechanical seal is applicable to all seal types and plans in accordance with API682 and API610.
Upon request, gland packing can be installed.

6Bearing housing

The full circular design of the bracket minimizes vibration of the bearing housing, so the pump vibration stays within tolerance specified by API610. If high temperature service is specified, suitable cooling system is furnished.


Bearings and lubrication systems are available in three Configurations to meet service conditions and the requirements of API610.

  • 1ball radial and angular contact ball thrust / flooded lubrication
  • 2sleeve radial and angular contact ball thrust / oil ring lubrication
  • 3sleeve radial and tilting pad thrust / pressurized lubrication

8Labyrinth end seals and deflectors

Replaceable labyrinth end seals and deflectors effectively retain oil in the housing and prevent entry of foreign material into the housing.

Model HDV performance chart

Coverage - 50Hz

Coverage - 50Hz<

Coverage - 60Hz

Coverage - 60Hz<
(*) In addition to above-mentioned chart, we will provide the best design for your application.


Max. flow rate up to 3500m3/h
Max. differential Head up to 600m
Max. operation temperature up to 400°C
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