Message from the President

President and CEO Sakoda Hirotaka

President and CEOSakoda Hirotaka

Since its establishment in 1973 through the merger of Nippon Suiryoku Kogyo (founded in 1943) and Hiro Zoki (founded in 1951), Shin Nippon Machinery has contributed to the development of society and industry with the turbine and pump business as its mainstay.

In recent years, although global energy demand has expanded, environmental conservation and energy conservation are also becoming more significant issues. In the field of power generation, SNM has continuously pursued the development of high-performance steam turbines to make more effective use of renewable energy resources, contributing to the expansion of power infrastructure around the world and helping to prevent global warming.
In the field of oil- and gas-related business, our process pumps maintain a constant high level of quality in response to a diverse range of customer requirements, contributing to energy conservation while earning the trust of the world's leading petroleum companies.

Today, based on our outstanding record of units delivered, we are strengthening our sales and after-sales service network in every region of the world - we are dedicated to building the Shin Nippon brand and providing even greater levels of comfort and security to our customers.
We will continue to listen to all our customers, and we will keep providing the people of the world with new excitement and more prosperous lifestyles while continue to contribute to the development of the region, through our business activities and social activities. We thank you sincerely for your continued support and cooperation.