Corporate Philosophy


Generating Power for Human Life,SNM

Through our turbine and pump business, Shin Nippon Machinery Co., Ltd is committed to the ongoing provision of new excitement and lifestyles of abundance to people around the world in the fields of energy and environment.

Shin Nippon Machinery Co., Ltd
Generating Power for Human Life,SNM

Management Philosophy

Corporate Mission

We aim to be a manufacturer of machinery that continues to provide leading products and services to the world.
With honor and integrity, we seek to contribute to society, earning high acclaim and trust from all stakeholders.

Our Values

Placing customers first
We consider customer value first, enabling us to offer superior products and services.
Meeting the challenges of change
We will continue to meet the challenges of change while refusing to be complacent about the environment.
Prioritizing technology
We contribute to the development of society by constantly refining our unique technologies.
Respecting people
We are dedicated to building an organizational culture of mutual respect in which we can learn and grow.

Ethical standards

1. Respect for people
We respect the individuality and human rights of all people.
2. Compliance with laws and regulations
We respect and observe the spirit of all laws, rules, and legal regulations, both inside and outside the company, and we comply with these.
3. Fair competition and transactions
We undertake business activities based on fair and free competition, and we do not pursue profit through behavior that is unreasonable or lacks transparency.
4. Opposing antisocial forces and relationships
We resolutely oppose organizations and individuals that pose a threat to the order and safety of civil society, and we refuse all such relationships.
5. Environmental protection
We are committed to furthering resource conservation, energy conservation, waste reduction, recycling, and prevention of environmental pollution, and we strive to preserve the global environment.
6. Fair international business and respect across cultures
In doing international business, we respect local cultures and customs and we comply with international regulations and the laws of each country.